Hill walking 3-21st-Sep-22

You hear ....

" ICE "

and your 1st thought is ..........

  • Gin & tonic ?
  • Polar bears ?
  • Torville & Dean ?

" In Case of Emergency "

We all hope (and expect!) that nothing untoward will happen, to any of us, as we go about enjoying our u3a meetings, outings etc.
But it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
And so we're all being asked to provide details of a friend or family member who could be contacted should an accident or illness affect us while we take part in a u3a activity. You should seek their consent before providing their contact details to us and you can assure them that these will be held in Beacon, the same secure database in which your own is stored.
It doesn't necessarily mean they'll be asked to come and take care of you, although sometimes that will be the most appropriate course of action. It may be a matter of the Group Leader (or a Committee member) telling them what has happened to you and that you're being taken home or, if applicable, where else you've been taken and by whom.
Your ICE person will be able, then, to advise anyone else who'll need to know about your situation and, in some cases, to see that immediate arrangements are made (for pets, for example), should any be necessary

Keep your personal u3a records up to date on Beacon

Berwick u3a’s online membership administration system is 'Beacon'. You can log in here to make changes to your personal data, such as name, postal or email address, telephone number (and to add your ICE person's name & tel number). To register* you'll need to input the following :
- Membership Number
– Forename
– Surname
– Postcode
– Email address

B u T lighthouse: photo by u3a member

nb Beacon is quite particular, so it helps if you match exactly the information held on the database. eg:
- only the first letter of forename and surname should be in capitals;
- if you used a shortened version of your forename when registering, then remember to use it;
- the email address must be the one you registered with;
- don't use spaces before or after each of the name fields;
- don't use autofill to complete the fields (this can introduce those unwanted spaces).
If you've forgotten your membership number, please ask our Beacon Administrator or Membership Secretary via the Contact page.

Once you've logged on you can update your postal or email addresses and phone number, and your ICE details. Remember to click on Update Personal Details at the bottom of the screen after you've made your amendments!
nb There is no requirement to provide an answer to the security question or upload a photo.

*nb Once you've 'registered', you'll be able to login thereafter with just your email and password.

And, finally: this D-i-Y approach to updating your records is - of course - entirely voluntary !
Please just let the Membership Secretary know of any changes you'd prefer we make on your behalf.

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