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Our Constitution

Berwick u3a Constitution

Our Committee

Chair: Chris O’Neill
Business Secretary: Rowena Redgwell
Treasurer: Janice Bowden
Publicity & Vice Chair: Phil Ravetta
Group Co-ordinator & St Aidan’s Hall liaison: Helen Atkinson
Minutes Secretary: Frances Schamberg
Membership Secretary: Barbara Ronaldson
(co-opted) Technology: Ian Berry
(co-opted) Role to be defined: Anne Berry

Non-Committee Roles are as follows:
Newsletter Editor: Judy Crow
Newsletter Distributor: Phil Ravetta
Webmaster: Susan Bell
Beacon Administrator: Ian Berry
Speakers Organiser (for Open Mtgs): Hilary O’Shea
Raffle Organiser: Vacant

You can email many of the above via the Contact Us page.

Members' Code of Conduct

Members' Code of Conduct

Trustees' Code of Conduct (register with TAT to access)

Trustee Code of Conduct

Membership Terms & Conditions
Roles & Responsibilities of Trustees (TAT's guidance)
Guidance for Group Leaders

The Third Age Trust (TAT) covers u3a members for some insurable eventualities. Details can be found on its website and there are links at the end of this paragraph. Please note that you will need to register with the Trust in order to sign in & see some of this information (when this applies, a click on the link will prompt the appearance of a Register / Sign in box).

Risk Assessments

The u3a provides a number of Risk Assessment templates (below), to suit various situations. They are to help you identify any risks which might be applicable to your, or your group's, activity, & to provide a means of recording the mitigation strategy you’ve adopted. Here are some FAQs

Whilst these are principally for Group Leaders' use, there is also a Members' Checklist to help each Member to complete their own risk assessment. It is not the responsibility of the Group Leader to do this (nor to see that it is done).

Car Sharing

There is, as yet, no formal policy on car-sharing. However on the Third Age Trust’s website, the Insurance FAQs section contains the following Q&A:

7.2 Can u3a members offer lifts to other members and accept money towards petrol costs without compromising their car insurance policy?
Yes. But it is recommended that this is done as an informal arrangement between members.